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Our range of Venetian blinds includes slats made from either aluminium or wood. Choose from slat widths ranging from 15mm to 50mm to suit the size of the window or the effect you wish to create.

There are two controls to operate Venetian blinds. A cord controls the height of the blind and either a cord or a wand controls the angle of the slat. Our 50mm Venetians come with a cord to tilt the blind, whereas 15mm and 25mm Venetians come with a rod to tilt the blind.

Make sure the slats are in the open position when the blind is raised or lowered.

All our blinds are made to your exact requirements, so you can choose which side you want each of these controls to be.

Please note for Wood Venetians there is a tolerance when manufacturing of up to 3mm on width (either way) and between 2 to 4cm on drop (depending on slat size) to allow for slat movement.

Headrail dimensions:

  • Depth – Aluminium 15mm = 3.2cm, Aluminium 25mm = 3.2cm, Wood 25mm = 5cm, Wood 35mm = 5cm, Wood 50mm = 7cm (Note: All wood Venetian depths do not include the valance)
  • Width – Exact blind = same as width specified, Recess blind = 1cm less than width specified