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Our Vertical blinds are made from high quality fabrics in 89mm and 127mm width strips, which are called louvres. The louvres hang from the headrail and are linked by a chain at the bottom.

Vertical blinds have two controls. One allows the blind louvres to be tilted to the left or the right. This means you can block the light out, let it in, or filter it by tilting the louvres to an angle. The other one lets you pull the louvres fully back, either to the left or the right. Or they can split in the centre like a pair of curtains.

All our blinds are made to your exact requirements, so you can choose which side you want each of these controls to be. You can also decide how you would like you blinds to draw back. All vertical blinds come with a white headrail and white components.

Bunch side indicates the side you want the louvres to ‘bunch’ at when pulled from the window – left, right or both sides (split).

Please note, width measurements will be rounded down, for example if you order a 74cm to 74.9cm exact measurement you will recieve a 74cm wide blind, if you order a 74cm to 74.9cm recess measurement you will recieve a 73cm wide blind.

For the drop we will automatically take off 5cm, 4 to accommodate the headrail and 1cm so the louvres does not touch the window sill or floor, therefore please measure to the window sill or floor.

Headrail dimensions:

  • Depth – 3cm
  • Width – Exact blind = same as width specified, Recess blind = 1cm less than width specified